Engeneering for Automative Industry

EV Powertrains

We deliver integrated solutions of propulsion systems for electric vehicles, as well as single elements: EV engines, gears, engine controllers, battery banks, charging controllers, control elements.

  • Sets for new vehicles and conversion sets
  • Fast charging and durable battery assemblies
  • High efficiency engines and drivers with recuperation

Touch interface

Intuitive handling, safe driving

Convenient, fast and functional handling of the vehicle has a positive effect on driving safety, without involving the driver in finding the desired functions, and that is why properly designed and fulfilled interface guarantees a safe trip.

  • Aesthetically and functionally designed interface
  • Efficient computers controling vehicle
  • Sensitive and durable touch panels




    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair

    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair -  - illustration

    In cooperation with Bus Trans Technik sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, Otokar bus and coach wholesaler for Poland, we have had an honour to present our products - BUS line LED displays - at TransExpo fair in Kielce, Poland, from October 11th to 13th, 2016.


    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays

    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays -  - illustration

    Our care to meet most challenging requirements has been awarded by possibility of supporting 2016 NATO Summit with our products - LED displays of MOTO line, which we have developed into BUS line.


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