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LED displays for transportation

Modern passenger information

The newest products in our offer are LED displays intended for coach buses, providing convenience and ease of passenger information update. We are conducting development work of public transportation LED displays, intended for vehicles such as city buses, trams and rail cars.

  • Modern and clear passenger information
  • Unique cost efficiency of BUS line products
  • We're looking for development partner for TRANS line of products

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Mobile LED advertising LED display

Reach your customer on-the-move

Mobile LED advertisement signs designed to be installed inside automobiles, commercial vehicles and trucks are the innovative products from our offer This kind of advertisement works just like traditional LED advertising sign, while reaching a wider range of target with its message - it is displayed wherever the vehicle goes.

  • Power supply from the cigar lighter socket 12V / 24V
  • Programming with USB wire, thumb drive or WiFi
  • Wire or wireless control from the cabin

Mobile LED ads available in our on-line store

LED advertising signs, LED billboards

Stand out from the crowd!

LED advertising, which is a modern form of a neon sign, replaces the plain signboard and is more easily noticable in alleyways filled with signboards and swing signs.

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase LED advertisement, as well as to rent LED advertisement individuallyor to purchase advertising at rotating basis on our medium

  • Fast and convenient update of the advertising content
  • Informs about current discounts and events
  • Wide selection of standard sizes and colors and individually designed advertising
  • Installation in whole Poland during 7 days

LED signs available in our on-line store




    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair

    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair -  - illustration

    In cooperation with Bus Trans Technik sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, Otokar bus and coach wholesaler for Poland, we have had an honour to present our products - BUS line LED displays - at TransExpo fair in Kielce, Poland, from October 11th to 13th, 2016.


    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays

    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays -  - illustration

    Our care to meet most challenging requirements has been awarded by possibility of supporting 2016 NATO Summit with our products - LED displays of MOTO line, which we have developed into BUS line.


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