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The highest quality in the workplace

Company's offices are a part of its image, so it is worth to design them with intuition and attention to detail, which will draw the attention of key partners of the company.

Properly designed office is a place of work positively influencing productivity through planning the most optimal communication routes, as well as the atmosphere of professionalism. Properly constructed office leaves a good impression on customers and partners, essential in collaboration with the best.

Furnishings of workstations, conference rooms and retail outlets

No premises will function without equipment so it should work well with adopted branding standards. Individually made high-quality modern computer cases, audio equipment subtly drawing attention as well as matching accessories and office tools will be the details complementing the interior designed with class.

For our clients we choose, design and deliver the highest quality accessories for every type of space.

  • Uncompromising solutions for IT equipment in individual cases
  • We select audio equipement drawing from year of experience in electro-acoustics
  • Accessories and tools of the highest quality tailored to the convention of the interior




    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair

    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair -  - illustration

    In cooperation with Bus Trans Technik sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, Otokar bus and coach wholesaler for Poland, we have had an honour to present our products - BUS line LED displays - at TransExpo fair in Kielce, Poland, from October 11th to 13th, 2016.


    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays

    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays -  - illustration

    Our care to meet most challenging requirements has been awarded by possibility of supporting 2016 NATO Summit with our products - LED displays of MOTO line, which we have developed into BUS line.


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