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Since the beginning of production of LED billboards and advertisements we are expanding our own advertising network NTIadvertising. We invest in high-quality billboards and Digital Signage screens, providing high readability advertising. We carefully select the assembly location of media, so that each advertisement displayed on the network NTIadvertising reaches the widest possible audience.

  • Screening of the advertisment on multiple media outreach
  • Attracrtive prices for our clients
  • Advertising media working 24/7

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    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair

    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair -  - illustration

    In cooperation with Bus Trans Technik sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, Otokar bus and coach wholesaler for Poland, we have had an honour to present our products - BUS line LED displays - at TransExpo fair in Kielce, Poland, from October 11th to 13th, 2016.


    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays

    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays -  - illustration

    Our care to meet most challenging requirements has been awarded by possibility of supporting 2016 NATO Summit with our products - LED displays of MOTO line, which we have developed into BUS line.


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