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Kolokacja koparek kryptowalut Bitcoin / Altcoin

Colocation services and management of cryptocurrency mining devices "sha356", scrypt and others

Maximize your profit from the cryptocurrency mining

Mining for Bitcoin cryptocurrency or any altcoins is an extremely engaging task. Often to a degree that Miners treat it as fun and not like a source of income. The amount of knowleadge on cryptocurrency, on information technology and electronics necessary to solve everyday problems can overwhelm even enthusiasts.

NTIInnovations' services directed at the owners of the mining devices provide help mainly to unburden them from daily technical work minimalizing redundant stoppage snd to let the Miners focus on their passion i.e. choice of the currency, the mine or the ways of reinvestment of the already extracted cryptocurrency.

Due to the colocation of cryptocurrency mining devices in dedicated electromagnetic centres the highest costs emerging from energy prices, essential knowleadge and loses from stoppage drop considerably.

  • Colocaton in electromagnetic centre fom 0,19PLN/kWh
  • Air-conditioning, monitoring, security and remote access through VPN 24/7
  • On-going maintance and service for mining devices
  • Consultations in import and customs procedures

Renewable energy sources

Environment-friendly energy

Due to the well being of the environment and the increasing cost of energy in Poland, we are investing in using in our centers environmentally friendly energy, with a focus on the use of renewable energy sources and our own transmission lines. This allows our costumers and us to reduce the costs of maintaining energy-consuming hardware.

  • We increase contribution of renewable energy in our centres
  • We develop efficient renewable energy sources
  • We implement recuperative solutions

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    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair

    NTIinnovations' LED displays at TransExpo 2016 fair -  - illustration

    In cooperation with Bus Trans Technik sp. z o. o. from Warsaw, Otokar bus and coach wholesaler for Poland, we have had an honour to present our products - BUS line LED displays - at TransExpo fair in Kielce, Poland, from October 11th to 13th, 2016.


    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays

    NATO Summit with NTIinnovations' LED displays -  - illustration

    Our care to meet most challenging requirements has been awarded by possibility of supporting 2016 NATO Summit with our products - LED displays of MOTO line, which we have developed into BUS line.


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